LeaderShape Apps Due VERY SOON!!!!!

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All Student Leaders don't miss out on this opportunity!!

Applications are due March 1st

Apply here: https://www.leadershape.org/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f_applications%2fApplication.aspx%3fApplicationID%3d2494&ApplicationID=2494

Particpants will:

  •  Increase their commitment to acting consistently with core ethical value personal values, and convictions
  • Enhance their capability to develop and enrich relationships as well as strengthening their commitment to respecting the dignity and contributions of all people
  • Embrace the belief in a healthy disregard for the impossible
  • Develop the capacity to produce extraordinary results

Visit the National Website to learn more: http://www.leadershape.org/home.aspx

Student Organizations and Involvement Awards

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Student Orgs here is another opportunity to get recognized for what your student organization is doing! The Student Organizations and Involvement Awards are here.

There are many different categories to apply for and feel free to apply to them all if you can!

Application are available online and are due March 1st in HUB 209

Start Applying!



Find the Form At:


LeaderShape 2013 What to Expect

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LeaderShape Institute Daily Highlights

DAY 1: "Building Community"

You will begin to explore what leadership means and become familiar with the basic philosophy and schedule of the week. You will meet the other participants in the Learning Community and you will also join 8 to 12 other young adults in a group called the Family Cluster. Your Family Cluster will offer you feedback, support, and help you develop and refine your vision for the future.

DAY 2: "The Value of One, The Power of All"

You will begin the second day participating in an experiential learning challenge course. By working your way through a series of outdoor initiatives and discussions, you will discover how teamwork, trust, and problem solving can be enhanced in a supportive group setting. You will add another dimension to your self-awareness by completing a behavior style inventory. From that information you'll have an opportunity to set several personal goals for the week. You will also participate in exercises which explore the concept of "inclusive leadership" and how to create communities which value respect, openness, and diverse opinions.

DAY 3: "Challenging What Is, Looking To What Could Be"

Creating a powerful vision is an important aspect of leadership! During this exciting day, you will begin work on defining and refining your own Breakthrough Blueprint a tangible and transformational change for your organization, group, cause, or community back home. You will spend much of the afternoon in interactive settings dealing with chaos and change. The evening will conclude with a Guest Leader Forum and Reception. This is your opportunity to interact with significant leaders from the Penn State Community. Using an informal question-and-answer format; these individuals will share their insights and experiences related to the challenges of leading with integrity.

DAY 4: "Bringing Vision To Reality"

A vision is only a dream unless it results in action. Key requirements will be discussed (relationships, SMART goals, Stretch Goals, and action steps) which move a vision forward. In addition, the issue of power will be explored in a dynamic group simulation exercise.

DAY 5: "Living and Leading With Integrity"

The concept of integrity is a challenging one, but central to LeaderShape's philosophy of life-long leadership development. You will discuss how core ethical values, thoughtful decisions, and courage all play critical roles in sustaining integrity and fostering trust and respect. During the afternoon and evening, time has been set aside for more in depth conversations, relaxation, and preparation for a creative Family Cluster LeaderShape Revue.

DAY 6: "Staying in Action"

On this final day, you will prepare to return home and face your responsibilities as a LeaderShape graduate who practices the discipline of "leading with integrity." You will learn what it means to be a part of the nationwide LeaderShape community a network of mutual encouragement and support. A Learning Community Commencement ceremony concludes the week.


Apply at https://www.leadershape.org/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f_applications%2fApplication.aspx%3fApplicationID%3d2494&ApplicationID=2494

LeaderShape FAQS

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Have some questions about LeaderShape???? Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is LeaderShape?

The Penn State LeaderShape Institute is designed to provide undergraduate students at University Park the opportunity to create meaningful interactions with their peers. This six-day intensive, interactive, dynamic, and exciting leadership development experience challenges participants to "lead with integrity" Student participants will gain a comprehensive understanding that leadership development is a life-long journey
2.How are participants selected?

Interested students are required to fill out an application (online only). Applications are available on this website beginning February 1 and are due the last Friday of February. All applications are reviewed by the LeaderShape Planning Committee. (The committee is made up of past LeaderShape participants and facilitators.)

So APPLY NOW!!!!!!!! @ https://www.leadershape.org/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f_applications%2fApplication.aspx%3fApplicationID%3d2494&ApplicationID=2494

3. Is LeaderShape held on campus?

Due to the complexity of the Leadership Institute it is held at the Hartman Retreat Center located in nearby Milroy, PA.

4. How much does LeaderShape cost?

The individual program costs average about $1500 per student. However due to the generosity of several campus sponsors (the Office of Residence Life, the Division of Student Affairs, the Greek Councils and the University Park Allocation Committee - UPAC) the total out-of-pocket cost per student is $100.00. That includes transportation to and from the Hartman Center, lodging, all meals, snacks, Institute materials, and a T-shirt).


Still have questions??.....Learn more at:


Important Leadersip Development Opportunity

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Penn State is hosting LeaderShape 2013    

Coming to you May 6-11 , 2013

LeaderShape® is a nationally recognized leadership program that promotes a commitment to leading with integrity that results in extraordinary change.

LeaderShape® mission: to transform the world by increasing the number of people who want to be a part of creating a just, caring, thriving world where all lead with integrityTM and a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Applications are being accepted February 1st until March 1st

 So Apply Now!!



Stay tuned for more information about LeaderShape comming out including, general information, FAQs, Daily Highlights and more!!

Be the Student Org of the Month!!

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Has your Student Organization done something AMAZING??

If so submit an application to be recognized as the Student Organization of the Month for December/January.

Applications can be found in 209 HUB and must be submitted by February 1st.
Apply Now!!

Mandatory Officer Meeting

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REMINDER: The next officer meeting is FEBRUARY 6th in the HUB Auditorium from 2-3pm.


All recognized student organizations are required to attend 1 Student Organization Officer Training meeting per academic year in order to maintain recognized Student Organization status.

Only one representative (preferably an officer) from each organization is required to attend.

See you there!


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Student Organization Success

Are you hoping to expand your organization through dedicated members? Attend the final Student Organization Success Workshop of the year on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6pm to learn Recruitment and Retention tactics.  Dina Liberatore of Residence Life will be sharing her tips and experiences in Hetzel Lounge at 6pm.  As usual, gift cards will be given away!

Student Organization Discussion Opportunity

Union and Student Activities will be hosting a Student Organization Roundtable on April 12 at 6pm in 324 HUB.  We are currently looking for interesting topics to add to the agenda and want your opinion! Please email Katy Tufts at knt5032@gmail.com with topics affecting your organization to help create an engaging discussion that will benefit YOU!

Spring Student Organization Success Workshops!

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Are you looking for opportutniies to grow as a student organization leader?  Bring your organization leaders and members to the Student Organization Success Workshops! They are held in Hetzel Lounge-HUB on Tuesdays at 6pm.  And there is always free stuff given away!  This semester's schedule is below.  Mark your calendar!


Hetzel Lounge-HUB
at 6:00pm

Staying Healthy with a Demanding Schedule



Hetzel Lounge-HUB
at 6:00pm

Officer Transitioning

Pete Mockaitis
Campus Speak, Inc.


Hetzel Lounge-HUB 
at 6:00pm

Recruitment and Retention

Dina Liberatore, 
Residence Life

"Being Involved"

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What does being involved mean to you? 

Personally, I am in touch with a lot of organizations each day while working in the Student Activities office.  There are over 900 organizations that have the capability of passing through this office everyday, and more often than not a student asks the chance to start up that 901st. 

Being involved has become a large part of the college experience for many students throughout their time here at Penn State.  I am the Executive Director of the Student Programming Association (SPA) and have got the chance to work with an amazing staff of students and advisors in the past four years.  I could not imagine my college experience not including those individuals and the experiences we have shared. 

From brainstorming events with a team, to contacting agents, to setting up the logistics, and executing the final product every individual event has had a meaning to my life and therefore a learning experience.  SPA has allowed me to realize what I hope to do with my life and I thank Penn State for that opportunity.

So, what does being involved mean to you?  What have you learned? What have you liked or disliked? How are you a part of the Penn State community?

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