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Happy New Year!

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Well I guess an introduction is in order-- My name is Katy Tufts and I am a new intern within Student Activities. I've officially taken over this blog and although I never got to know Melinda, I feel as though a congratulations and thank you is in order!  Congratulations on graduating!  Thank you for working so hard and thank you for giving me some big shoes to fill.  

That being said--I am really excited to be taking on this new role and have already met a lot of really great people!  Stopping in Student Activities should be a staple to being a new student at Penn State or being a part of any student group/club/organization on campus.  I have never met more smiling people!!

A little bit about me-- I am a senior and dreading the day I have to leave this place already. Penn State has been my home away from home for the last three years and I can't imagine anything different.  I am the Executive Director of the Student Programming Association and an active member in the independent organization Atlas THON, both of which I am incredibly passionate about. I have been very blessed to find my place on this campus and realize what I want to do in life thanks to both of these organizations (and my new position within Student Activities). Although this is my final year I truly believe it is going to be a year of growth and learning (even if I am only taking four classes).

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