"Being Involved"

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What does being involved mean to you? 

Personally, I am in touch with a lot of organizations each day while working in the Student Activities office.  There are over 900 organizations that have the capability of passing through this office everyday, and more often than not a student asks the chance to start up that 901st. 

Being involved has become a large part of the college experience for many students throughout their time here at Penn State.  I am the Executive Director of the Student Programming Association (SPA) and have got the chance to work with an amazing staff of students and advisors in the past four years.  I could not imagine my college experience not including those individuals and the experiences we have shared. 

From brainstorming events with a team, to contacting agents, to setting up the logistics, and executing the final product every individual event has had a meaning to my life and therefore a learning experience.  SPA has allowed me to realize what I hope to do with my life and I thank Penn State for that opportunity.

So, what does being involved mean to you?  What have you learned? What have you liked or disliked? How are you a part of the Penn State community?

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