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Have some questions about LeaderShape???? Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is LeaderShape?

The Penn State LeaderShape Institute is designed to provide undergraduate students at University Park the opportunity to create meaningful interactions with their peers. This six-day intensive, interactive, dynamic, and exciting leadership development experience challenges participants to "lead with integrity" Student participants will gain a comprehensive understanding that leadership development is a life-long journey
2.How are participants selected?

Interested students are required to fill out an application (online only). Applications are available on this website beginning February 1 and are due the last Friday of February. All applications are reviewed by the LeaderShape Planning Committee. (The committee is made up of past LeaderShape participants and facilitators.)

So APPLY NOW!!!!!!!! @ https://www.leadershape.org/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f_applications%2fApplication.aspx%3fApplicationID%3d2494&ApplicationID=2494

3. Is LeaderShape held on campus?

Due to the complexity of the Leadership Institute it is held at the Hartman Retreat Center located in nearby Milroy, PA.

4. How much does LeaderShape cost?

The individual program costs average about $1500 per student. However due to the generosity of several campus sponsors (the Office of Residence Life, the Division of Student Affairs, the Greek Councils and the University Park Allocation Committee - UPAC) the total out-of-pocket cost per student is $100.00. That includes transportation to and from the Hartman Center, lodging, all meals, snacks, Institute materials, and a T-shirt).


Still have questions??.....Learn more at:


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